Ritter fan rental

Dimensions: (L)80" x (W)60" x (H)96"

Weight: 1750-2000lbs


All input connections are industry standard "Camloc" type. Three phase types require a four wire hookup with a ground and the single phase type requires one "hot" leg and one neutral leg.

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-Three voltage styles are available-

Three phase: 230vac 100amps. Variable speed control. Ability to preset speed, then turn on and off with switch. Unit will ramp up to preset speed and ramp down to idle. No rectifier is needed with this style and tends to be quieter on stage

Single phase: 120vac 150amps w/single phase DC rectifier. More ac hum at lower speeds

Single phase: 230vac 100amps w/three phase DC rectifier. Quieter, less ac hum.